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Monster Squad Minute

Oct 31, 2018

Anthony returns once more to teach us the difference between rap and new jack swing, talk about other movies lucky enough to end with a rap that recounts the movie you just saw, and try to make heads ot tails of MC Hammer's Addams Family Groove.

“Monster Mash”

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Oct 30, 2018

Anthony Murphy is pitch-hitting for Justin once more as we talk about these army guys are Eugene wrote to, and figure out why the heck they showed up anyway.

Also in this episode, bullies DJ and Derek try to worm their way into the Squad, and Scary German Guy and Eugene do heartbreaking violence to a beautiful...

Oct 29, 2018

Justin has been sucked into limbo, so Anthony Murphy from No Time for Heroics returns to help us in the aftermath of the battle between good and evil.

We ponder the merits or lack thereof of Gilmore Girls, what the Monster Squad might be up to a hundred years from now in the next time holes to limbo need a-blowin', and...

Oct 26, 2018

Ainsley's back one more time as we call wrap on the Frankenstein Monster. Justin wonders what happened to the amulet after the whole limbo thing. Andrew wonders if Event Horizon is worth re-watching.

We ask the tough questions about limbo, where dwell the damned.


“Monster Mash”

©Reservoir 416 (BMI)

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Oct 25, 2018

Justin, Andrew and special guest Ainsley all get devoured by the vortex to limbo, along with most of the set and cast. 

We see Dracula die for the maybe third and fourth time in the last half of the movie, Van Helsing back from blowing it, and Patrick actually does something!

Plus, we break down the history of throwing...